Type 17’s Self Drilling Screw Range

Type 17's Self Drilling Screw Range

Type 17’s Self Drilling Screw Range

1. The thread on a Type 17 is parallel for constant clamp load.
2. The drill point is sharp pointed and drills the timber to a pulp consistency.
3. The special end slot forms a thread cutting action into the timber. The timber it cuts becomes pulp like sawdust, which is distributed evenly into the open cell structure in the timber. This becomes stabilised by the frictional heat generated while cutting, eliminating timber expansion and minimising the splitting of timber.

12x50mm Timber Screws

The 12x50mm timber screws come with the HiGrip® design feature. This feature grips the sheeting to provide a positive join. This prevents water entry, restricts over-drilling and stops the roof sheet moving down the shank when the roof is walked on.

The 12×50 timber screw also offers the ShankGuard┬« Design feature. This feature protects the fastener shank from scratching and scouring during installation, increasing the corrosion protection.


Crest fixing corrugated roofing profiles to timber battens.

12x25mm Timber Screws

Buildex 12x25mm Timber Screws are available with head painted in the full range of Colorbond® colours.


Valley fixing wall cladding.

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