Top Idea

Top Idea

LEAF STOPPER® – Australia’s leading brand of gutter guard protection

Fire proof – CSIRO tested

LEAF STOPPER® has been tested by CSIRO, it does not burn and it will assist in keeping your home safe by ensuring flammable leaves do not remain on your roof. LEAF STOPPER® has a fire rating of “0” and is suitable for all the BAL (Bushfire Attack Levels). It also complies with AS3959-2009 Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas

Australian owned

LEAF STOPPER® is Australia’s leading brand of gutter guard protection. As a 100% Australian-owned family business that has built a reputation and business on providing a gutter guard that works and that lasts.


LEAF STOPPER® has hole that are designed to be 4mm x 4mm, which over 20 years of experience suggests is the optimum size to ensure leaves do not get stuck, however also ensures water is kept in. If the holes are too small the water will sheet off of the mesh and over the sides of the gutter. Smaller holes are also likely to get clogged by dust and debris which will inhibit the water from getting into the gutter.

Pest protection

LEAF STOPPER® fully covers your gutters and valleys helping keep your home pest free. LEAF STOPPER® has a design that prevents pests from getting into the guttering and valleys to assist with problems such as birds nesting in the gutters.

Built to last

LEAF STOPPER® is built to last and keeps looking good. LEAF STOPPER® will add long-term value to your home with design features such as:

  • High-quality aluminium
  • Certified powder coating.
  • Mechanical fixing (screwed into position, not just glued)
  • Design innovations

Protects valleys and gutters

Valley kits are also available. Don’t just cover your gutters; leaves can also accumulate in your valleys. Systems that ignore valleys can cause leaves to clump at the bottom of each valley.  LEAF STOPPER® provides the best protection for gutters and valleys.

Ski Slope System

The LEAF STOPPER® ski-slope system has won the Australian design award. Leaves blow away. Water is captured. The LEAF STOPPER® system doesn’t just shift the problem to another part of your roof or gutter.  It solves the problem.


Wide Colour Range

Select from a wide range of colours to match any Colorbond® or tile roof. All our powder coating is supplied by a major listed company that provides quality test certificates. Cheaper leaf guards that cut corners cannot afford investment in similar quality. You won’t notice the difference until it is on your roof and doesn’t last.

Mix and Match Colours

LEAF STOPPER® comes in a wide range of colours but that’s not all, you can also select a different mesh and trim colour to match your roof and gutters. For example if you have a Shale Grey roof and Surfmist gutters, you can get Shale Grey mesh and Surfmist Trimets® to go onto your gutter in the same kit.

Unique Patented Accessories

LEAF STOPPER® is the only Australian gutter guard product to use Trimets®. A new invention and patented fixing system using a tongue & slot joiner to ensure your work is easier when working off a ladder or off the roof. The holes are pre-drilled at 250mm intervals meaning your LEAF STOPPER® mesh will be fitted more firmly. The Trimets® are made from Colorbond® Steel.


The corrugated saddle clip was the first in Australia to introduce the raised screw hole. This unique feature coupled with the shape has design patent protection. The saddles are made from Colorbond® Steel.


Made from Aluminium

Aluminium looks good and is built to last. It won’t burn, it doesn’t corrode and its safe for your Colorbond® or tile roof.

Suitable for rain water harvesting

With LEAF STOPPER® on your roof, you capture clean, clear, rainwater.

DIY installation friendly

LEAF STOPPER® gives a clean, attractive appearance to your roof. The patented Trimets® make installation simpler and safer, making installing LEAF STOPPER® on your roof a very easy Do-It-Yourself project.

15 Year Guarantee

LEAF STOPPER® is so confident in their product that it is guaranteed for 15 years. LEAF STOPPER® is a strong Australian company with a reputation built on quality and they stand behind their products. Buying LEAF STOPPER® will give you peace of mind in knowing that you are buying a quality product that is built to last.

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