Stramit Sunset® Patio Panel

Stramit Sunset® Patio Panel



The Stramit Sunset® Patio Panel features a unique interlocking rib design that simplifies installation and secures the panels together, providing a strong and weather-resistant seal.  Translucent panels are also available to allow natural illumination of covered areas.

Features and Benefits

  • Flat panellised design – Enhanced aesthetic appeal.
  • High tensile steel – Light weight and high strength.
  • Fully tested – Complete load performance tables.
  • Interlocking ribs – Enhanced security and appearance.
  • 1° minimum pitch – Low roof pitch with excellent drainage capacity.
  • 290mm cover – Quick installation and easy handling.
  • Interlocking panels – Strength and weather-resistance.
  • Translucent panels – Natural illumination.


Stramit Sunset® Patio Panel is manufactured from high-tensile G550 BlueScope COLORBOND® steel in accordance with AS2728-Category 3 and, for the substrate, with AS1397

(COLORBOND® double sided)
thickness BMT kg/m2
0.42mm 5.76

For further information on available materials contact Wagga Roofing World.

Minimum Roof Slope

A minimum roof slope of only 1° is required to ensure effective drainage.  However, because the self-weight of the panels causes natural curvature, a minimum slope of 2° applies to spans greater than 4 metres.


Stramit Building Products employ in-house, purpose-built testing equipment to design, develop and improve products for the Australian market.  In addition, many Stramit® products are tested or witnessed by independent organisations, including The University of Sydney and the Cyclone Structural Testing Station at James Cook University. This ongoing research and development ensures that Stramit Building Products remains at the forefront of innovation, design and customer information.  Testing is conducted in accordance with AS1562 and AS4040.

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