Stramit® Premier 300 Architectural Cladding

Stramit® Premier 300 Architectural Cladding


  • Simple Installation – “fix, hinge and cover and fix again” procedure.
  • 300mm Wide Cover – for fast installation with the minimum of sheets and   fasteners.
  • Continuous Interlocking – to weatherseal all joints.
  • Secret Fixing – fasteners are concealed from view to give a smooth appearance.
  • Low Profile – for clean appearance and easy flashing and cleaning.
  • Horizontal or Vertical Applications – or any angle in between, to suit almost any architectural requirement.

Stramit® Premier 300 wall sheeting is a cold roll formed steel product in G300 base material (300 MPa minimum yield stress) with a zinc-aluminium alloy coating inaccordance with AS1397 and colour coating available in a range of colours. Refer to Colorbond® colour chart.

Information relating to Serviceability Limit State Capacity and Non Cyclonic, please refer to page 8 of the Stramit® Wall Sheeting & Cladding Northern Region Product Technical Manual.

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