Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems

Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Systems

Reduce your hot water energy bills with an evacuated tube solar hot water system. Evacuated tube solar hot water systems combine high efficiency solar thermal collectors with vitreous enamel storage tanks in either electric or gas boosted models. Evacuated tube solar hot water systems deliver exceptional heating efficiency, high STCs and outstanding durability.

EVACUATED TUBES – How they work

•The tubes are manufactured in borosilicate glass with an inner glass tube providing a vacuum for heat retention.

•The heat pipe is manufactured in copper and contains a small amount of purified water that turns to steam at approximately 30°C generating the heat that provides consumable hot water.

•The energy the tubes collect is transferred to the consumable hot water inside the well insulated header assembly. This principle allows the collector to withstand temperatures as low as -12°C.

•The added advantage in this design is the ability to replace tubes without disrupting water supply.


•Environmentally friendly

•High efficiency evacuated tubes absorb the maximum available solar energy

•Frost protection to withstand temperatures as low as -12°C

•Light weight roof mounted components for ease of installation

•Available with a vitreous enamel lined carbon steel tank

•Ground level tank reduces the aesthetic impact of adding a system to your roof

•Option of a continuous flow in line gas booster or an electric boost in the tank

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