Poly Zips®

Poly Zips®

Poly Zips®


· Predrills its own expansion hole.
· Save up to 50% installation time!
· Patent pending wing design drills an over sized hole into the polycarbonate material.


For fixing polycarbonate roofing to timber and thin metal battens.

Step 1
Insert PolyZips® into 5/16 socket and carefully position screw in centre of sheet crest to prevent any skidding or scratching.

Step 2
Using a variable speed screw gun, start drilling slowly keeping screw straight to give you the correct oversized hole in your polycarbonate material.

Step 3
Keep driving screw until it engages into the batten and EPDM washer sits securely. Do not over tighten screw, as it may cause failure.

PolyZIPS® is suitable for fixing into both timber and thin metal battens up to 1.2mm thick. Some hardwoods may require pre-drilling.

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